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I was going to rant about the debt ceiling tug of war going on right now. I'm concerned about the stock market going to hell for selfish reasons. We're thinking about retirement and it's pissing me off that we might lose some of our money again. That said, I'm a perfectly able-bodied adult who can work another twenty years if that's what it takes. I'm lucky. I'm healthy and I've saved a lot over the years. I also have a job that I like and I can always find something else to do if I have to.

I just had to let go of my anger at the stupidity of our political system because it's that anger that divides us in the first place. Instead, I think it's time to pray or at least reflect in the most spiritual way possible. What can we do to make it better?

My prayers will be offered for the people of Norway who just suffered two terrible attacks. I pray for them because I fear that it might transform their society into the paranoid culture we have here in the US. I hope they don't start looking over their shoulders and that the whole population doesn't start arming itself. Would it have been better if someone at that camp could have shot this guy after he started killing people? Well, I guess so, but I wish there was a better way.

My prayers will also be offered for the people who feel marginalized and feel compelled to join cults or extremist groups. What can we do as a society prevent people like this guy from being created in the first place? Is tolerance so hard to learn? What can I do to make it happen? Was this mental illness? What can we do about mental illness?

Hard questions. No answers.
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